Sustainable development

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Quality management

The main purpose of Stellar Construction in the field of quality control is to maintain its leading position in all regions of Russia. We show our best performance in all areas; we work anywhere and under any circumstances. We strive to implement our projects with the same high quality of work. By understanding the expectations of our customers and working in accordance with specifications and standards, we achieve the best result.

  • Strive for perfection;
  • Work efficiently to increase value;
  • Planning work to avoid any effect of price or time on quality;
  • Move forward in accordance with the principle of continuous development;
  • Be responsible for quality along with all management and staff;
  • Improve our skills and understanding of quality through education;
  • When working in a team, encourage harmony, efficiency and creation;
  • At every opportunity, cooperate with our contractors in accordance with the principle of continuous development and mutual profit;
  • Assessment of changes and their impact on quality, application of measures to prevent negative consequences;
  • Checking the quality of business partners and suppliers;
  • Apply the “Lessons learned and best practices” method and use our know-how in all areas of work to achieve maximum work efficiency.

Stellar Construction is committed to providing its employees with all the necessary resources to follow and apply our strict quality principles in a high level of efficiency while respecting the quality culture. The management of Stellar Construction ensures that our quality system will comply with the quality policy to ensure compliance with the most effective principles of quality control in all areas of activity.